Thanks for visiting my website, or perhaps you landed here by accident… Either way, feel free to take a look around and comment on and/or share anything that grabs your attention.

I’ve created this site in the first instance to develop an archive of some of the articles and content I produced when ‘on the tools’ as a sports reporter/writer. With this, you may notice a Liverpool FC theme throughout my earlier work. This is due to the 10 years or so I spent with Trinity Mirror in Merseyside where various roles included my being a staff writer for Liverpool Football Club and later a multi-media sports reporter for the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo. Prior to that I cut my sports reporting teeth as boxing correspondent for the Liverpool Daily Post (RIP).

Freelance work over the years has included the likes of Boxing News, Sky Sports magazine, BBC Radio Merseyside, Vice Sports, plus contributions to a host of books mainly on, surprise surprise, Liverpool FC.

Now, as a senior lecturer in Journalism and Sports Journalism (among several other areas) at Liverpool John Moores University (England, UK) I sometimes use material on this site as case studies and examples for my students. 

While it seems I spend more time reading and researching these days than writing, when I do manage to put my thoughts into something resembling a coherent structure, I will publish to the site. Indeed, some of my articles have been tailored to academic delivery, often acting as a springboard for discussion in taught sessions ie: Tyson Fury and the ethics of reporting on mental health issues; the wider business implications of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Manchester United move; Serena Williams and the gender pay gap in sport etc…

As I embark on a PhD (from summer 2020), the aim is to write with greater frequency. That being the case, expect to find more on the site about digital storytelling and how sports media content producers are using digital content and platforms to engage supporters, fans, customers or consumers (*delete as appropriate).

Ok, that’s enough about me and the site. I’ve got lots more archive material to upload. In the meantime, you can find me on twitter @davidrandles and LinkedIn at

All the best.